Summary Of Services

Case Management Professionals  is a private consultation and elder care management practice that provides a wide scope of professional services to elders and their families.  These services include:

*  Comprehensive assessment of functioning and environment

*  Development of personalized care plan, service recommendations, and monitoring to ensure linkages with services

*  Arrangement and coordination of all needed services, in the home, community, or appropriate care facility

*  Liaison with family, long distance caregivers, and other professionals

*  Advocacy for elders in nursing home placement, and active monitoring 

*  Professional counseling with the elder and family as needed around transitional issues

*  Cost effective management of medical records and ongoing communication with providers

*  Valuable information and referral services as needed

We begin with a thorough assessment of needs of the elder, including a realistic evaluation of the individual's functioning within their environment, and an understanding of their physical, cognitive, financial and social well-being.  With this assessment, and information from key providers, a care plan is developed.  This care plan addresses both short and long term goals, and recommendations are made for services that will assist the elder in reaching these goals. Case Management Professionals will arrange for any needed services, and monitor them to assure the plan is followed, with revisions as needed.  Family contacts and ongoing consultation may continue if necessary, to provide a reliable link to long-distance caregivers.

Case Management Professionals  provides a valuable service to elders and their families, as well as professionals considering the most appropriate resources for their clients.

For more information regarding Case Management Professionals please contact us at (5080 771-1075 or e-mail at